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From Revolution to Republic

The tumultuous 40 years between 1775 and 1815 included years of war, epidemics, sacrifice and suffering. But they also saw the excitement of the birth of the new nation, with new opportunities both in politics and business.

“The Shoe: Redefining Shoemaking and History in Beverly”

In the development of shoe manufacturing Beverly played the vital role of industrial leader with the efforts of one business, the United Shoe Machine Company. This exhibition details how the USMC revolutionized shoe equipment manufacturing and the shoe industry while becoming a way of life to thousands of Beverly area residents and many multi-generational families. […]

Emerging from Salem’s Shadow

After the tumultuous years of the second half of the 17th century, filled as they were with political upheaval, Indian wars, and culminating in the witchcraft crises of 1692, the new century must have seemed to local residents like entering a calm port.Although religion remained an important aspect of colonial life, the power of the […]

Beverly Bank: An Early American Bank, Est. 1802

Displaying original documents and artifacts, this exhibit uses the history of the bank, which began at the Cabot House, to explore the role of banks in the development of a strong financial system in the United States. The Cabots and their business associates used profits from their highly successful, global trading enterprise to invest in […]

Beverly: An Artist’s Perspective

Cabot House 117 Cabot Street, Beverly, MA, United States

Opening reception for our Community Art Exhibition, Beverly: An Artist's Perspective,  showcasing talented artists from Beverly. Artist awards will be presented at 7:00 pm.

In Pictures: the Photography Sensation

With the invention of photography in the late 1830s, it became possible for people of middle-class means to have portraits made of themselves, their families, and their friends. In the 1840s and 1850s, numerous photographers opened commercial studios to satisfy the seemingly insatiable demand for portraits while amateur and fine-art photographers often depicted more intimate […]


“Strength, Perseverance, and Hope in Beverly” Opening

Cabot House 117 Cabot Street, Beverly, MA, United States

Last year left the citizens of Beverly and those around the world reeling as we all joined together to stay safe and healthy from a global pandemic. For our 4th Community Art Show the theme is “Strength, Perseverance, and Hope in Beverly”. This exhibit will illustrate  the numerous stories of how the community stayed together […]