Beverly Heritage Circle Charitable Giving and Bequests Form

Since 1891, Historic Beverly (HB) has preserved Beverly history through the conservation and care of historical objects and documents, and our three extraordinary houses. This would not be possible without the generosity of members and friends. There are a number of giving options that allow donors to fulfill their philanthropic goals while contributing to the richness of the HB’s collections and its financial stability.

These options are:

Bequests—A gift made through a will or trust, that takes effect upon the donor’s death.
Charitable Remainder Trusts—This type of trust has its own separately invested portfolio and a donor-specified payout rate. The income may be either for life of one or more beneficiaries, or for a specified number of years.
Charitable Lead Trusts—Similar to a charitable remainder trust, where the donor places certain assets in an irrevocable trust. While the trust is active, annual payments are made to the Society.
Retirement Plans—A plan such as a 401 (k), 403 (b), IRA, Keough, or other type of retirement account can be used to make a future gift to a beneficiary, while allowing tax benefits for heirs.
Outright gifts—The simplest way to give, either cash, securities (stocks, bonds or mutual funds) or tangible personal property of historic significance.

  • Historic Beverly is very grateful to our donors and would be pleased to consult with you on your options. Members of the Beverly Heritage Circle are acknowledged annually and invited to special events. Please contact the director, Sue Goganian, at 978-922-1186 x 204 or for additional information.